Educators and administrators

"Our students left invigorated and energized, ready to change the culture and climate of our school. What you're doing is fantastic, and I can't wait to be a part of it...You're an inspiring, one-of-a-kind dude. The world needs more people like you."

Kaleb Wachala, Rantoul Township High School (IL)

"Dr. Campbell is an endearing speaker that draws you in with his guitar playing and genuine presence on stage. You can tell he is passionate about what he does and truly cares to make a difference not only in his own school but in the hundreds that he reaches through his presentations. I was completely inspired by all the things he had implemented at his own school to create such a positive school culture. I would love to work for him!"

Kelli Carleton, Schaumburg High School (IL)

"Thank you for saying and confirming what I have needed to hear for so long. I love my job, but it seems like we've got it all wrong. What you spoke about tugged at my heart strings and I am grateful to you for doing the work you do."

Kristin Higgins, Mason High School (MI)

"Thank you again for all that you do...I was in complete awe with what you had to say and how you've transformed your school."

Michelle Ott, Ovid Elsie High School (MI)

"I cannot tell you how amazing and inspiring you are or thank you enough...myself and the students I brought were so inspired and highly impressed!"

Rachel Hassler, Kewaskum High School (WI)

"Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the change you are making in the world."

Paul Dols, Monrovia High School (CA)

"Thanks for sharing your story! A ton of great ideas our kids can bring back to improve the climate of their school."

Darin Swenson, Litchfield High School (MN)

"Thank you for staff wants you to come back to participate and lead PD."

James Aleshire, North Hagerstown High School (MD)

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation...I can't wait to start on some of your ideas to begin to make our school great again. You have made a huge impact on the students and myself."

Sheila Thompson, Morehead High School (NC)

"Thank you so much for presenting such an inspirational message...we loved all of your ideas for making the school environment a positive space."

Suzanne Epting, Renfroe Middle School (GA)

"We brought our student government association to your presentation...our kids loved it!"

Terry Smith, Sumrall Middle School (MS)

"We loved hearing you speak...our group was really fired up after seeing you! Keep up the good work, you're having  a huge impact!"

Nate Erwin, Heritage Middle School (GA)

"Loved, loved, loved your presentation!"

Patty Henness, Osawatomie High School (KS)

"Thank you so much for your presentation! Keep doing what you are doing because you create change in us and we will create change in our school!!!"

Renee Pappalardo, Shoreland Lutheran High School (WI)

"So many great ideas that I would love to try and implement in my school!"

Angelica Lopez, El Monte Middle School (CA)

"Thank you so much speaking students are loving everything that you said!"

Leah Silvieus, Cheney High School (WA)

"My kids can't stop talking about how great you were and how excited they are to implement some of your ideas. Thank you for doing what you do."

Isaac Lopez, Madera High School (CA)

"I think what you are doing is amazing and we love so many of your ideas! Thank you for everything!"

Kelli Carleton, Schaumburg High School (IL)

"Thank you for inspiring my students from Granite Hills High School...we truly enjoyed every minute."

Dan Williams, Granite Hills High School (CA)

"Your presentation was inspiring, and our student council is fired up. Thank you so much for all you're doing for students and schools. It is truly inspiring and so needed."

Becky Burnett, Summit Christian Academy (OK)

"Thank you so much for giving us such great inspiration. My students are super jazzed to get started on impacting the climate of our school! You touched all of our hearts!"

Michelle Poquette, Cabrillo High School (CA)

"Today was AMAZING! Thank you so much for doing this!!!!!!!! I enjoyed your presentation immensely!"

Donna Convey, Gateway Regional High School (NJ)


"I can honestly say, I walked out of that gym with a noggin full of ideas and a bigger heart. Thank you."

Lauren, (CA)

"Loved the speech you presented. Stories were so touching some made me cry! Keep changing lives, I loved it so much!!!!!"

Kaitlyn Friend, (TN)

"I was so inspired by you speaking and can't wait to implement some of your ideas in my school!"

Leyam Purewal, Palmer Secondary School (British Columbia)

"We absolutely loved your presentation and it was very encouraging and moving to hear!"

Taylor Voegelie, Ocean View High School (CA)

"Thank you for giving our ASB so many great ideas to help make our club more active and change the culture at our school."

Alex Gil, Granite Hills High School (CA)

"I just wanted to say that your words have opened my eyes more than I could ever describe. When I left all I could think about is how I can help others."

Jake Dougherty, Mepham High School (NY)

"I am in the SGA Leadership class at South Lakes High School, and I am one among the many class members who you truly moved this morning. Your speech gave me many great ideas for how our school can improve."

Noah Goldstein, South Lakes High School (VA)