Need help with your organization's culture, climate, or leadership?

Whether it's dealing with low morale, finding ways to put relationships first, or making your organization a fun and exciting place to learn and work, PC has the experience and expertise to revolutionize your environment. 

  • Do you want your students and staffulty to be excited to be at school every day?
  • Does your staffulty struggle with reaching the "at-risk" student?
  • Do your student leadership organizations know how to make a true impact on campus?
  • Do you want to create and maintain a positive public image in your community?
  • Do you want to improve your graduation rates, attendance rates, or discipline rates?
  • Do you want to create a culture of acceptance of ALL students and staffulty?

If so, reach out. PC and his team have the tools to assist you in creating a legendary learning environment. 

Let PC help your school achieve ROCK STAR STATUS!!!

*PC is the co-owner of Pairadocs Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm with expertise in culture and climate, leadership, curriculum and instruction, at-risk students, fundraising, pedagogy, public relations, professional learning communities, new teacher training, and athletics. For inquiries, email 

Consulting Testimonials

Phil Campbell is one of the best minds I have ever worked with in regards to improving the climate and culture of a school. He walked us through many of the issues we were facing by providing insight and ideas on improvement. After seeing firsthand the successes that schools he has worked with have had, it is without question that his methods work. I am certain that our school would not have seen the gains we have without his assistance.
— Adam Webster, Logan County High School (KY)
I was lucky to work with Dr. Phil Campbell when he was principal of the Sumner County Middle Technical College High School in Portland, TN. The passion and caring that Dr. Campbell exuded for his students was staggering. He legitimately cares about all of his students as people and strives to see them become better people, as well as better students. His philosophy that “you are more than just a test grade” inspired those students in more ways than one and allowed them to showcase their technical talents in a college atmosphere. The culture and climate that Dr. Campbell created for the students allowed them to thrive and succeed. The way stakeholders of the school, and especially the students, speak about Dr. Campbell inspires me to create a similar culture for the college side of the school.
— Brandon Hudson, Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TN)
Phil Campbell was instrumental in changing our school. He helped us analyze the culture and climate issues our school was facing and aided in creating and coaching us through practical ideas that created solutions. His passion for helping schools improve is simply incredible and I love that he has the real world experience to substantiate his knowledge.
— Will Perry, Beech High School (TN)
Although we are new to the game, we are rapidly seeing results. In just one year we increased our number of students graduating college and career ready by 10%! We are excited to see the results from this year as we have delved deeper into our working relationship with Dr. Campbell—the personal encouragement and his sincere concern is evident with every conversation.
— Ginger Stovall, Henderson County High School (KY)