Looking for an engaging, high-energy speaker to inspire your students, staff, or conference? 

Whether it's inspiring students to become active change agents, motivating educators to make an impact with their presence, or providing proven ideas to transform your organization's culture and climate, PC has the expertise and real-world experience to empower meaningful change.

"If your presence doesn't make an impact, your absence won't make a difference." -Unknown

Speaking topics

Here are some of PC's most requested topics. In addition to his keynote presentations, workshops and professional development sessions are also available for students and staff members. If you have any questions or would like to hear him speak on an alternative topic, please contact us!


Culture and Climate

When it comes to revolutionizing your school's culture and climate, PC doesn't just talk the game...he has actually played the game and has the results to prove it!

Let PC share his strategies and ideas for how to transform your school into a place that students and staff members alike will take pride in calling their own!



PC has served in a leadership capacity nearly his entire life...from youth  and collegiate sports all the way through his experiences as a coach, teacher, athletic director, and principal.

Let PC share his tips for how to leave a legacy in today's constantly changing society.

Chasing Your Dreams

From being an uninvited walk-on as a Division I college baseball player to taking risks in the world of education to taking a leap of faith into his present career, PC is the epitome of chasing his dreams.

Let PC inspire your stakeholders to chase their dreams!


I went into the presentation thinking it was gonna be lame...I was so wrong! PC absolutely killed it! So inspiring!
— Bryce Mentzer, Pennsylvania HS Student

"What an honor to be included in one of the most inspiring, innovative, and enlightening experiences I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying...What you do for students and schools around the country is nothing less than amazing and I could feel the conviction, dedication, enthusiasm, and genuineness of your spirit. It was electric!"

-Jill Sikorski, Parent

"Thank you for the powerful message you shared with our students. Several students who attended the event have already approached me with exciting ideas to continue to improve our culture here at Lowndes High School. Thank you for igniting that spark!"

-Leanne McCall, Principal
 Lowndes High School, Georgia


"I was expecting a gray haired man with facts and figures and a cracked older voice. But then you came out with a bandana and a guitar and a story of how you managed to get your school to raise attendance rates and graduation rates and decrease discipline issues. I was hooked." 

-Kitty Hay, Teacher
Kern High School, California

"Out of all the speakers I've had to watch, PC is one of the best that I've listened to. He is honestly so motivational and inspiring. Thanks for everything you have done for everyone, and for inspiring us all to make an impact on this world!"

-Mya Black, High School Student